Gymbo Talks New LRSD…

We met up with the great Gymboslice to ask him what he thought about the New LRSD squad and their performance thus far.

Media: Is the New LRSD ready to carry the torch?

Gymbo: I honestly don’t think the New LRSD is ready or capable of carry the torch that we have given them.  The New LRSD seem to be a very arrogant group guys who haven’t accomplished anything.  The New LRSD is very cocky and I don’t understand why.. What have they done?? Win a couple pub matches… If you ask me… They are just a bunch of pub superstars..

Media: Do you think the New LRSD can turn it around?

Gymbo: Nope… They don’t know what it takes to get to the top of the leader boards so they aren’t going to know what it takes to stay on top of the leader boards. They don’t have the teamwork or intensity needed to play at this level.  If these guys couldn’t get a team to the top 10 then how are they expected to keep a team there… They got a couple days left to get good at the game.. Not gonna happen..

Media: Is the New LRSD better then the old Bravo, Delta or Charlie Teams that you guys have had?

Gymbo: If anything they might be as good as those teams.  From what I heard the New LRSD doesn’t have any teamwork and they breakdown under pressure.  Don’t get me wrong they are great players in public matches against unorganized teams but once they play a real team they have a mental breakdown.

Media: Is the Old LRSD going to come back and fix this mess?

Gymbo: Not a chance… Most if not all the Old LRSD guys are enjoying time off.  It’s summer time and most of us old timers are just sitting back and relaxing. All the Old Timers will return in November when Modern Warfare 2 comes out.  I doubt you’ll see me or any of the other Old timers out their trying to fix this mess. It’s not even worth our time.

Media: Are you worried that the New LRSD is tarnishing the reputation of the LRSD as a whole?

Gymbo: I’m not worried at all because everyone knows we got a bunch of clowns filling in for us Old Timers right now.  The teams beating them down know they ain’t playing the real LRSD.