Gymbo Out Maddens Feccy J: 21-17

Feccy J had the Madden Champion of the LRSD Gymbo on the ropes last night but he couldn’t finish the fight. Feccy went into the 4th quarter with the lead 10 to 7. Feccy drove down the field like a champion and scored a touchdown to increase the lead to 10 points with 3 mins and 30 seconds left to go in the game.  Gymbo’s hopes of retaining his title were slim to none but you can’t count out the heart of a champion.

Trailing by two scores in the 4th quarter Gymbo needed a quick score.  On Gymbo’s first play of the fourth quarter he threw a pass to the sideline that broke off for a long touchdown run.  It was the quick score Gymbo needed if he wanted a chance to win the game.  Gymbo barely used any time at all on that series and there was 3 mins left in the game. Feccy J left the door open a crack and Gymbo saw the light and smashed right through.

Now Gymbo needed a defensive stop but Feccy has been driving down field with short dinks and dunks all over the field.  Feccy needed two or possibly 3 first downs to run out the clock and lock up the victory.

Gymbo let up one first down and things were starting to look bleak.  Thankfully for Gymbo’s great wisdom and clock management skills he had 3 timeouts and a two minute warning remaining.  Gymbo eventually forces Feccy J to 3rd down and long.  Gymbo is out of timeouts and Feccy J can either run the ball and waste more clock or pass the ball and try and get the first. Feccy J is a gambler and he makes the big mistake of going for the win and stops the clock with an incomplete pass.

With 1 minute and 30 seconds left on the clock Gymbo recieves the punt and starts his drive for victory.  With no timeouts left, Gymbo drives down the field with the ageless wonder Kurt Warner and scores the game winning touchdown with 20 seconds left in the game.

Gymbo said afterward “Feccy J played a great game but the true champion prevailed.”