Gymbo Might be Placed on IR

The great Gymboslice suffered a serious back injury last weekend. It all happened when Gymbo was playing a deathmatch with Razor and Empreza. Not the choice you would want going into a deathmatch.

This is what Gymbo had to say:

You know I didn’ t expect to get hurt…I just wanted to play a harmless deathmatch and get some kills. It turned out that I had to carry  Razor and Empreza. I would run out and get 3-5 kills at once then die. I kept asking where they were but there was no response. They were both huddled up in the corner hiding and trying to not die. This match we did come out victorious however, but it was all the work of myself.———————————————————

WOW! Thats not what we’re lookin for in the LRSD. Teamwork is what we need and hiding trying not to die is not part of teamwork.  Rumor also has it that the two did it on purpose. Supposively they wanted to injure Gymbo so the Spotlight would come off of him and they would get some more playing time and recognition. The two suspects had no comment to the media thus far.

The LRSD might decide to press charges on the two for injuring the star. The team will have an interrogation session soon. The date is not yet set.