Gymbo 3-0 preping for the madden tourny?!?!

Gymbo is getting ready for the madden tourny which is now only a few weeks away. He is now 3-0 in online football games too bad all three of his victories are against Bore. It is rumored that Gymbo has turned down all other challanges. We spoke to Maddog earlier today and he said,”yeah i challanged Gymbo and i was sitting on the 50 yard line and he never showed up, Gymbo is scared” Maddog is also quoted saying beating Bore is like beating up a kid with no arms. Strong words from Maddog so we will see how this unfolds when the season begins. Will Maddog back up his talk? Will Gymbo step up to the big league and take the challange? or is Gymbo just going to stay in the little league and play bore?