Gaming For Charity Day One Results

Official Updated Bracket!! Click Image to Enlarge!! Games kick off tomorrow 1pm EST!

Hey Guys its Gymbo here with the Day One Gaming for Charity Results.  I’d like to start it off by thanking everyone for competing and so far we are off to a good start.  As you all know all the money raised by this event will be going to the Wounded Warrior Project and it’s just our way of saying thank you for everything they do. I always want to give a special thanks to Nate from for letting us use their dedicated servers for tonights games and for the rest of the tournament.

Here’s the run down of the first round:

First game of the tournament we had the the lovely all female team Elegance take on LRSD Pivotal Moments  and it was a battle to the bitter end.  LRSD Pivotal Moments prevailed by a score of 2 games to 1 but it could of gone either way because the first capture the flag map ended in a tie.  Great games by both teams and hopefully we will see a lot more from both squads.

Second game of the tournament we had Extravagent take on LRSD Tivo and the Tigers.  Extravagent seemed to walk right through Tivo and the Tigers on to an easy victory.  Extravagant won 2 games to zero but Tivo and the Tigers fought hard every step of the way.

Third game of the tournament my boy Bohica and his team Next took on ExN Iconz. After the first game of Capture the Flag tied and they had the replay the match team Next seem to get their shit together.  Next ended up winning the replay of CTF and then followed it up with a dominating 4-0 performance in search.  I was on hand to witness the battle and it was a good one.  Good luck to both teams the rest of the way.

Fourth match of the tourney we had a replacement team by the name of Status Quo step in for Devines Team to face the always dangerous Pure Dynasty.  The first round of CTF ended in a draw which is crazy because that was the third time it happen in the tournament.  Well I guess that means teams were fired up out of the gate and we had some close match ups.  Well after the draw Pure Dynasty was able to secure a lead and hold on to win the CTF replay and they eventually used that moment to dominate the Search game by a score of 4-1.  Takedown was refing the game and all he had to say was good games by both squads.

My boys from Team Rough House took the stage in the 5th game of the night and we were handed a rude awakening at the hands of ICN Elite.  Rough House isn’t know to be the best players in the game but they showed a lot of heart. Despite being down 9-0 in CTF my boys managed to keep fighting on to eventually score to stop the shut out.  Rough House used that momentum to win the first round of search but it was short lived as ICN Elite put the pedal to the metal and finished off Rough House with a dominating performance.  If you ask me ICN was basically Envy Us minus my boy Hastro.

The 6th game of the opening round featured another replacement team that goes by the name of The Dirty Girls and they squared off against the gaming community known as Killer Instinct.  Killer Instinct is new to the world of competitive gaming and they got a real good taste of what the competition would be like at the next level of gaming .  The Dirty Girls and Killer Instinct started off and it started out as a close game and after the first round of CTF the Dirty Girls held only a 1 point lead.  The Dirty Girls turned the heat up a notch in the second round of CTF and pulled away to a dominating victory.  Killer Instinct lost the momentum they gained and they came out flat in the Search & Destroy round and was dominated.  It was a great learning experience for Killer Instinct and I’m sure they’ll come back stronger then ever.

The 7th game of the night featured the almighty Team Fear against from what I know the basically unknown team of Repulze.  On paper I had this match going to Team Fear without a doubt but that is why we play the game.  No one was on hand to ref the match but Repulze put on a dazzling performance in route to a 2 games to 0 victory.  If I was on hand to witness this battle I would have more news about it. I’ll get a better look at both teams as the tournament moves forward.

The 8th and final game of the opening round featured Takedown and Company vs Abstract. It was a hard fought battle but after I reviewed the match I noticed that Abstract used two of the same players ICN Elite used in their game vs my team Rough House. I’m not sure how 2 people can play on 2 teams but anyway if I didn’t write that in the rules I thought it would be common sense.  After looking at the tape I couldn’t believe that two players from the prestigious Team EnVy Us would play in more then one game of a tournament.  So therefore we will have to disqualify team Abstract from the tournament. If you ask me this was a big slap in the face from Team Envy Us and if they want to take the LRSD Charity tournament as a joke they have another thing coming. As of right now only Team Abstract will be disqualified from the tournament. So Takedown & Company will move on to the next round and Killer Instinct will advance to the second round of the losers bracket.

Other then the drama that presued in the final game of the opening round it was a great opening round of action and it looks like its shaping up to be a great event.

Losers Bracket Action:

In the first game of the losers bracket Tivo and the Tigers took on Status Quo.  Status Quo was a late replacement for the tournament and they came in on extremely late noticed and they played well but Tivo and the Tigers were too much for them.  Tivo and the Tigers coasted to a 2 games to zero victory.  Look for Tivo and the Tigers to make some serious noise in the losers bracket.

In the second game of the losers bracket my team Rough House took on Exn Iconz and we opened up with a dominating performance in Search & Destroy.  ManCub the young gun of the team Rough House opened up the Search game with a 2 vs 1 clutch.  Then Gymboslice  (thats me) followed it up with a 3 vs 1 clutch.  Eventually Rough House hung on to win the opening round of search with a clutch kill from Battojin.  Rough House had the momentum but we failed to carry it over to the next two rounds as Exn Iconz pulled out two close victories in CTF and demolition.  Exn Iconz advances and we wish them all the luck in the world. I know they really want those MLG Wristbands so I’m sure Icn Iconz will fight hard the rest of the way.

Other News:

Elegance and Fear did not play their first round loser bracket match yet. I look forward to that battle tomorrow.

Killer Instinct will win by forfeit because Abstract has been DQ from the tournament.  I can’t wait to see how Killer Instinct bounces back in the next round.

Thanks Everyone Stayed Tuned For More Great Battles from the Team LRSD Gaming for Charity Tournament!!! View updated bracket.