Formula Cousin Since Day 1

It all started back in the Halo Era, back when the LRSD was called The Basement Brawlers….. yea new comers we were once called The Basement Brawlers once upon a time.  All the main guys of The LRSD are top notch players and been around since the beginning (Mad Dog, GymboSlice, Jeffrosaw, Takedownspecial, DiaperDandy, Magic Wooshy ( a.k.a Blackerberry), Empreza (aka. HipHopjunky), HighFive, BobBigCack, ManCubb, and Razor Head Just to name a few). So with that said some of the guys named are still not on active duty but they are on call and with a little wd-40 and some mad dog barks their rustiness should be gone pretty quick. the reason I am writing this is to talk about The Diaperdandy & Blackerberry combination called Formula Cousin. Some might underestimate the duo but usually when they do it leaves them swimming with the fishes….. no hyperbole.  Formula Cousin with a little bit of that Takedown sauce.. preferably hot not that baby mild ish. Take that and add alittle slice….Gymboslice to be exact and some of that Hard Knock Dog the one and only Mad Dog and once you have that…..add one other player anyone to fill in for the 6th spot and we would be unbeatable, some might debate this but I would Guarantee Victory over any other 6. Thats a Fact, but on another note Man Cub has been doing work and showing very dominant performances day in and day out, and his trash talking capabilities have also improved making him a heavy hitta. Shout outs to the rest of the LRSD all you guys do work, if you did not you would be kicked out of the clan.