FIFA World Cup 2010

Hey I am back and here to talk about a new game it’s about soccer I know its not cool to you guys but………so what.

This game only comes out ever four years just like real world cup.

Ok to start of all that has been released are the basics about what’s going to be the main plot of the game. PS the real world cup is in Africa so this is based off of the real world cup.

Now to the review

Near 200 national teams. All the stadiums, and fans creaming there heads of to the world’s biggest sporting event of the year. It’s safe to say EA’s latest World Cup game will be the one to wait for……..for all the soccer fans here.

Sure you can recreate international tournaments in the last game. But with such a big selection. It’s hardly going to be an authentic World Cup experience. According to FIFA 10 most of Africa doesn’t exist. Thankfully, that’s something the new title with all the big African nations like Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo in there.

EA says it wants to recreate the crazy atmosphere of the world’s most popular sporting tournament. And with pre-match confetti full 3D crowds for all the teams (which includes supporters with face paint, hats and banners……they took it to far) and all 10 stadiums that will be used in South Africa.


Commentary is also up to the FIFA legacys high standards. Clive Tyldesley normally is, paired with Andy Townsend in the UK version. They even provide inside info on each side’s manager which is handy because the of all the biggest nations feature in the game. and give you inside info on two highly known coaches in mid game battling for a win to advance.

Alright this is a bit of an obvious but ill say it any ways. This game is built on a bigger engine last year’s title. Which means World Cup is more impressive than its last one.

Seeing as FIFA 10 already plays the most balanced, addictive game of soccer ever, big changes just aren’t necessary. With that said the small tweaks that will be made are going to be made very nicely. Players now feel weightier so now you cant run every were with your player. While build up play is also a little quicker so it’s now easier to play a tight passing game as you pass the ball across the field.

Thanks you for reading