FeccyJ's Sniper School

48385_0As you all know and even if you didn’t the LRSD is in need of a sniper. As a decent sniper I would like to share some tips to help others out. There are a few key things for a sniper and I would like to share and explain.

  • Scout or Spotter(s)
  • Manage your  breathing
  • Identifying your  target.
  • Concealing your position

Scout or Spotters

As a Sniper it is tough doing it by yourself.It is always easier with a little help. On the field of battle if your squad mate sights a hostile he/she should let the sniper know. The reason for this is so that the sniper has an idea of where the enemy is. This saves time for the sniper so he/she does not have to locate the target all by him/her self.

Manage Your Breathing

In sniping it is very important to control your breathing. If you do not accomplish this it will be much harder to execute shots. If your breath is not held you will most likely miss the shot. On the COD battlefield I have a tip to help manage your breathing. As you all know you have a certain time limit to hold your breath. After that time you run out of breath. You can not hold your breath for a few seconds after this. These few seconds could be vital. The trick i have is when holding your breath instead of holding the LS down you keep tapping it. By doing this you do not run out of breath and now you will worry about those couple of seconds which you can’t hold your breath for.

Idenntifying Your Target

It is very important to identify your target. This is especially important in GB where friendly fire is enabled and every man on the team counts. One way to identify your target is by noticing the name on top. If it is red fire if it is blue hold fire. Sometimes the names don’t come up, this can pose a tricky situation. In this case you can look at the uniform and make sure it is the opposite of you or you can ask your teamates if they are in that position. By doing these quick and easy things you will eliminate friendly fire.

Concealing Your Position

This is also a very important thing to do when sniping. There is no need for unnecessary shots. A snipers goal is one shot, one kill. If you miss you risk giving away your position. When sniping your position is vital. You want to be in a spot where you can see the enemy but they cannot see you.

Those are all key things to do when sniping. I wish all of you snipers good luck.