Feccy J Skips Practice and Team Meeting

Feccy J missed another team meeting and practice session yesterday and team officials have reported they are tired of Feccy J acting bigger then the team and they are going to suspend him for two weeks.  Team officials said Feccy J did not call in to report his whereabouts and why he would be missing the meeting. We caught up with an anonymous team official.

Reporter: “Is it strange for a team to suspend a player of Feccy J’s caliber without a fair warning?”

Anonymous Team Official: “This is not the first time Feccy J has gotten out of line and according to our records Feccy J has missed practice 52 times and he’s been fined several times.  Feccy J has become a problem to the team and it has hurt the growth of our young LRSD players. Feccy J can take some time off until he is serious about being apart of the elite LRSD team.  No one team member is more important then the other so our stance on this issue will not be moved.”

Reporter: “Is it true that Feccy J has been demoted down to Charlie Team leader?  Why wasn’t action taken sooner if Feccy J has been late or missed practice 52 times?

Anonymous Team Official: “We have heard rumors about Feccy J being dropped down to Charlie Team but none of this true.  If Feccy J’s continues to miss practice and meetings the team will not have a problem with putting Feccy J on Charlie Team.  His performance right now isn’t up to par and we feel it could either be his lack of practice with the LRSD.  That is all the questions I will answer right now.”