Feccy J In Hiding

hiding-scaredLately, Feccy has been all over Paco about how he’s been bad at the game. Paco has been requesting a match in Madden 09 against Feccy. He has declined the invitation too many times. If it is true what people say, on how bad Paco is at Madden, then why wont Feccy play him in a game?

The first match, around the 2nd quarter, Feccy lagged out of the game because of his terrible connection. Paco was losing but not by much. That game could have gone either way if Feccy wouldn’t have gotten lagged out. The second game, up until the 4th quarter with about 3 min to go, Paco was up by a few points. He decided to throw the ball and Feccy’s men in pink (aka Miami Dolphins) intercepted the ball. He was able to take that drive in for a touchdown to win the game.

These stats show everyone that Feccy needs to prove himself just one more time to the LRSD to show whether or not Feccy is as good as he says he is. If it’s true, that Feccy is better than Paco, He should have no problems beating Paco up. Or is Feccy is actually scared to play because he knows that Paco almost beat him up twice. I believe everyone would like to see Feccy face Paco in a 1v1 on Madden.

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Article by: Paco