Drama in the LRSD!!!

Lately their has been some drama in the LRSD. The Clan looks to be falling apart. Looks like Gymboslice will be terminating the Clan in the upcoming weeks if things can not stay a float. Jeffrosaw has been MIA, no one has seen from him or heard about his whereabouts. Takedownspecial has been sleeping, hes more like the Naptime Special. Magic Wooshy forgets to bring guns to battle, then he argues about it afterwards. Gymboslice forgets where to plant the bomb or when to plant the bomb I think hes going crazy. Hip Hop Junky has been acting as a spy killing his own teammates at crucial points in the game, then forgetting you have to kill the other team in order to win. Diaper Dandy has also been killing his own teammates to try and steal the glory of being clutch (MVP Style). High Five has been more like an illusion, you thinks hes got your back in the game but then hes not there. As for BobBigCack sometimes he just doesn’t bring enough ammo.

With all this drama circulating the LRSD it doesn’t look good for the squads future. Will the LRSD pull through this rough moment in time. Maybe Mad Dog had a point, maybe he was the glue that kept the clan together!!!