Double Team Tourney!

codworldatwar212Everyone start thinking about who you will be pairing up with for our first LRSD double team tournament.  After the 1v1 tournament finishes up then we will move forward with the 2v2 tournament. (If these guys ever finish the 1v1 tournament??)

Finally.. We will find out who really is the best double team in the LRSD.

The tournament is going to run slightly different from the 1v1 tournament.  Instead of stuffing all the teams together in a double elimination bracket at random we are going to split the teams into two divisions/pools.   Each team in the division/pool will play each other once or twice with the Top two teams in each division/pool advancing to a mini playoff.  Then from there the teams will battle it out in single elimination format for the championship.

Tournament Type: 2 v 2, Two vs Two, Double Team (Must be LRSD Members)

Game Mode: Search & Destroy Only (Its faster)

Prize: TBA (Bragging Rights?)

Maps: TBA (Leaning towards Dome, Castle, Courtyard, etc.. Smaller Maps)

Rules: No Grenade Launcher/Nube Tube (Everything Else Fair Game) Normal GB Rules


  • Practice Good Sportsmanship
  • Do Not Cry about weapons or perks used against your team
  • Do Not Quit the LRSD because you lost in the tournament
  • Do Not Quit your match before it ends
  • Do Not Leave the party at the end of the game without saying Good Game

How to Enter

  1. Have you or your teammate register for the Team LRSD Forum (Everyone Should Register Anyway)
  2. Go to Gaming Tournaments Section
  3. Reply to Double Team Tournament Post
  4. Reply with you and your teammates Gamertags and the name of your team
  5. Contestants must be LRSD members
  6. Look out Gymbo and Mad Dog could possibly be entering this tournament
  7. No late entries!