Do You Want Skankin Back?

Skankin wants back in the LRSD.. But Do You Want Skankin Back? Skankin abandoned the LRSD sometime ago and tried to build up a team to defeat the LRSD. Why he left the LRSD is unknown. Skankin failed in his attempt to build a team better then the LRSD and now is asking for forgiveness. Do you accept his apology?

Here are some Pros / Cons about Skankin?


  • Skankin was a quality player
  • Skankin can fire a weapon
  • Skankin follows orders
  • Skankin is friends with TakedownSpecial
  • Skankin does wrestle
  • We know where Skankin Lives


  • Dallas Fan
  • Tried to start a team and go against the LRSD
  • Failed to even build a team to go against LRSD
  • Has Man-Crush on Tony Romo

Now You Vote! We will Let the People Decide if They Want Skankin in the LRSD.

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