Diaper Does It! Bore Gets Carried!


Carrying Bore All Day!

After an 0-3 start Diaper Dandy finally leads Team Emotion to their first victory. It was a close battle and if it wasn’t for Diaper Dandy clutching out a 1 on 2 then we’d be talking about Team Emotions going 0-4.  Diaper Dandy has proven he can still play the game and hopefully this clutch performance earns him the respect as one of the premier players in the LRSD.

Diaper said “Our team was struggling so I took it upon myself to win the game for the team.  I didn’t see anyone stepping up so I had to take over the game… That’s what Diaper Dandy does!!”

Feccy J said “It’s always important to get that first victory under your belt.  We are starting to jell together.. We got a solid 3 man team with Wooshy, Diaper and myself.  We are hoping someone can step up and solidify our 4th and 5th roster spots…  So far it looks like JigSaw is locking up our 4th spot and hopefully for our sake we don’t have to call on Bore to be anything more then an emergency back up. Carrying Bore in battle is like a full time job!!”

Congrats to Team Emotion for finally winning a game..  Hopefully that won’t be their last win of the season.