Delta has a Fresh Start

Delta has come out of retirement and picked up where they left off.  The young-fun-and-gun team added some new members to their team and won their first match against a battle-Hardin team that was 11-9. This fresh new team which is made up of Grimpunisher, Mugzy, Liath, Mjbrier, Thrashed, and as a standby Razorhead.

The first match was at Courtyard which the fun-&-gun team came out on top with a 4-2 victory. The next map which was roundhouse which they lost 3-4. It was a different story from the first map and it showed that this team needs to practice with each other more. Some positives that came out of the loss in the 2nd map was that when all hope is lost that they can count on Mugzy to pull out a 3 on 1 clutch.  No matter how hard Mugzy tried he could not pull them out of the hole they dug themselves into on the 2nd map.

The last map was Dome which was a hard fought battle but this is where Delta Team pull all their knowledge and gun skill together to pull out the 4-2 win.  All eyes will be on this combination of old battle tested vets and new impatient rushers..

Lets see how they do!!