Created Fighter Rules

ufc2009123Breaking News Created Fighter Rating

Jigsaw has informed me that if you fight with your created fighter online you can earn yourself attribute points to add to your fighter.  Please don’t add those points to the fighter you want to use in the league / tournament. Your fighter should not be rated higher then an 89 overall rating. Those who show up with a fighter with a higher overall rating will not be allowed to fight with that created fighter. (If you can create a fighter with a rating over 89 without additional points we’d like to see it.)

We would like to have everyone playing on an even playing field and those refusing to do so for any silly reason will be banned from the competition.

Create Your Fighter

Everyone fighting please create your fighter by Today (If possible) and meet up with Takedown in a sparring session.  You do not have to fight TakedownSpecial in this session but you are required to show him your created figther. You are required to enter into a game so he can get a few screen shots of your fighter in action.  (Takedown will pick a random fighter. )

  • 1. We would like to get a few screen shots of your fighter. (Make Sure Presentation Mode is On)
  • 2. We would like to make sure your fighter meets the approval of all league rules.  (We will be checking for player rating issues.)
  • 3. You do not have to fight during this session but if you and Takedown agree to spar go ahead.


There will be a prize for the winner of the tournament.  These are just matches that will help in seeding for the tournament.

Weight Class

Middle Weight will be the first weight class.  Other possible belts for the weight class will open up.