Wooshy's Take – Camping is just Holding Position


Camping is a major issue in gaming nowadays so its either you hate it or love it. Camping is not bad, it is a very helpful strategy that works well in many game types. Team camping can be very successful and will lead you to many victories. Finding a spot to camp can either be very easy or pretty difficult. It all depends on the game type and how you set up your position. Having each soldier guard a certain part of the map will protect a lot of people from dying and making a rookie mistakes. Gaming is very competitive and some gamers look down on others who camp, but in reality it is destroying their moral and leading them to play poorly. Keeping your position locked down is very important. You can not leave any openings because if you do that can lead to a teammates death or possibly your own. Figure out who controls what spot the best and it will help strengthen your position. So just remember Camping is just another word for “Holding Positon”.