Bringing the Magic

Hey everyone, its WoosHy I would like to announce that “LRSD” is back we had a little delay because of a lot of reasons mostly just all of us have been real busy with the new site and all. We have been working on tons of Projects and even working on putting a Lessons page up on our site to help any up and coming teams. Lessons are a great way for teams to work on strategies and we will work on helping teams communicate better, I have been gaming with the same group of guys for a long time we practically family, the funny thing is most of us are family. Communication is what gave us have numerous victories.

We have many playing styles some we camp, some we rush it matters how we approach each team. Gaming has become more that just playing for fun, Gaming is more than just luck. The good thing about gaming is anyone can get good, but it all comes down to in game decisions . Besides all that I am just happy to say we are back and ready for battle. Mad Dog Gaming has helped us out a lot so I would like to thank them for their support and believing in us. I have some free time on my hands to give lessons and even help strategies. Since our sponsors take good care of us my lessons only cost $10.00/hour $5.00/half hour I am easy to work with and helped many gamers achieve their goals.

Magic WoosHy

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