Breaking News: The Tyrant is Back!

KillTyrant is back from vacation and has agreed to terms with Charlie Team.  If you’ve been around the LRSD then you know KillTyrant.  KillTyrant was one of the best players in the game before he went on vacation and is currently undefeated when playing in matches with the LRSD. KillTyrant is a huge last minute addition to an already solid Charlie Team line up.  KillTyrant will be the ace Charlie Team was missing and he might put this team over the top.

KillTyrant mere presence on the battlefield strikes fear into opposing teams.  Takedown is also a big fan of KillTyrant and he believes in his ability to “Do Work”.  Takedown said “KillTyrant has Takedown-esk ability.  He is a beast and we’d probably would of called him up to A Team if he didn’t get this deal done with Charlie Team.”

BobBigcack reached out to KillTyrant at the right time and made this deal happen.  KillTyrant was offered a 1 year deal with incentives.  The amount of the deal will not be disclosed at this time.  I’m sure there was a quality signing bonus that went a long with the deal. With this addition by Charlie Team the betting line for the Bravo vs Charlie match up will probably be even money.