Break it Down: Emotion Wins 5 Straight! Bore Beats Gymbo!

Emotion 7-1 in Last 8 Games

Team LRSD Emotion suddenly caught fire and won 5 straight games and has improved there record to 7-4. It iss quite amazing that they actually have a winning record considering the fact that they started 0-3 and they were the laughing stock of the LRSD.  I dunno how Diaper and Wooshy are dealing with all these emotional players but whatever they are doing they better keep it up because its working.  In their last 8 games Team LRSD Emotion has a record of 7-1.  Rumor has it with their starting 4 man roster they are undefeated.

Bore Finally Beats Gymbo in Madden?

Bore finally caught Gymbo and defeated him in Madden by a score of 41-21. Bore came in with a very balanced attack and managed to pull out the impressive victory.  Bore had a couple breaks go his way early in the game and this time he was able to put Gymbo away. This was Gymbo’s first loss in Madden to someone from the LRSD and it was very surprising that Bore would be the one to defeat the great GymboSlice. Gymbo had an insane record against LRSD members it was something like 35-0, now its 35-1.

Bore's Lag Switch?

Bore's Lag Switch?

Lag Conspiracy?

There is a rumor circulating that Bore had a lot of lag in his favor during the Madden game.  At one point in the game after the ball was snapped the game froze and wide open Gymbo receiver was suddenly frozen then when the game unfroze he was magically covered by 3 defensive players. This eventually led to a 4th down.

Another situation was rumored to come right before half where the game froze up and Gymbo was unable to audible out of the play because of lag.  Since Gymbo was unable to change the play Bore was able to capitalize with 1 second remaining on the clock and score a late TD.

Gymbo said “I will not comment on these rumors and I will take the loss like a man. Afterwards we did rematch and Bore was starting to get roughed up and the game lagged out so I’ll let you guys be the judge.?

supermariosunshineDelta Playing Mario Sunshine??

Where has LRSD Delta Been? They haven’t had a Game Battles game in quite some time… They haven’t even been seen by any other LRSD members in quite some time. The LRSD council was worried about them so they sent out a private investigator to find their whereabouts…

After several weeks the council received reports that Delta Team was spotted training in a new game… Mario Sunshine…. What the #@$#! What is Mario Sunshine???

GrimPunisher said “Mario Sunshine is beast!!”….

If you say so Grim!!