Great Debate: Bravo vs Charlie II

nuclear-explosionAfter talking with members from both Bravo and Charlie Team all I can say is that both teams are fired up for this rematch.  Last time these two teams met they played over a best of 7 series.  Bravo Team roughed them up pretty easily and won the series 4-1. Now that Charlie Team is rebuilt and playing very well on Game Battles they want a rematch.

The majority of the LRSD are starting to side with Charlie Team though many agree the battle could swing either way.  Bravo and Charlie don’t really get a long that well so it always makes for a great contest.

Feccy J and I break down our picks in the first ever Great LRSD Debate!!

Gymbo: I would like to thank Feccy for taking this debate and I am honored to be apart of the first ever LRSD debate. Feccy probably doesn’t stand much of a chance against the great Gymboslice but who really does? Anyway I’m  here to break down my pick for Bravo vs Charlie: The Rematch!

First off, I know Feccy is definitely going to side with his love buddy Pafinator and the new and improved Charlie Team.  Last time the two teams met Feccy J was practically brought to tears as Bravo Team just smacked the shit out of Charlie Team. Honestly, it was probably the most uncompetitive match in LRSD history. His boy Pafinator played so terrible that Feccy J was tempted to run over to his house and rip the controller out of his hand.  So with that being said I’m taking Bravo Team again..

Some may ask Gymbo “How can you pick a team you just ripped apart in your last article?” Well I’m pretty confident Bravo Team is going to prepare for this battle like never before.  JigSaw is too good of a leader to let his team go into battle against Charlie Team unprepared. JigSaw knows whats on the line and he really wants to shut up all these arrogant Charlie Team players.

Secondly, Bravo Team is too smart.  They know Charlie Team is  just gonna try and run them over and rush right through them.  Charlie Team may have the better gun skills but they don’t have the battlefield smarts. Bravo Team has been playing together a real long time and they got something called team chemistry.  Charlie Team doesn’t have that yet.

Lastly, Bravo Team has two young stars and they are going to be the difference makers in this game.  Bravo has the future of the LRSD Bobby Shadow and his tag team partner GrimPunisher.  I’d take these two guys over any two Charlie Team guys.  Grim playing at the top of his game and he’s just punishing kids in the 1v1 tournament.  Bobby Shadow on the other hand is always at the top of his game and he’ll beast out on Charlie Team. I’ll put money on that..  (P.S. Shadow’s still not good enough to be Alpha Teams water boy)

Feccy J: Gymbo you say that I side with my buddy, well yes I am siding with him. Friends has nothing to do with it, my pick has to go to the team who is down right  BETTER. Charlie Team has been working their asses off trying to get better. Overdose and Paf  have taken charge and molded one kick ass unit of destruction.

Second Gymbo you say that Bravo is smarter. This must be some kind of a joke. What are you trying out to be a stand up comedian. The supposedly better Bravo team might be the dumbest group I have ever seen. They can’t even walk and chew gum. Now this smart team might have won the past B vs. C game but where are they now. Sitting on there asses playing silly pubs. Now you ask where is Charlie and what are they doing, well they’re out on the god damn battlefield getting W’s. Charlie team is 200th and where the hell is Bravo, they’re to lazy or should I say scared to even play a Game Battles match.

Lastly Gymbo you got all this talk about the two new young stars Grim and Shadow. Its like your trusting your life with little babies. Its like you were hanging off a bridge and you are looking up to two babies (Grim,Shadow) to pull you up. Thats just silly!! Now look at Charlie you got 2 long time LRSD members. Paf pretty much knows all the strategies you need to know like the back of his hand. Nards may have had his ups and downs but he also knows the team and how they work. I know I’d rather have Nards and Paf over the two little babies like Shadow and Grim.

To close I’d like to say GYMBO WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!! I have no idea why you would pick Bravo who sits on their asses and does nothing. There a bunch of cocky little bad kids. I dont know.. I thought GYMBO KNOWS!! Obviously GYMBO KNOWS NOTHING!!! I got my money on C team…