Bravo Team V2.0 / Updates

A Lot has been going on the world of the LRSD. There have been even more roster changes in Bravo and Charlie Teams, to try to find the best fit for both. Recent addition to the LRSD, OverRated OverDosed, was traded, along with Pafinator To Team Charlie. Long time LRSD Member GrimPunisher was added to Bravo.

We wish Charlie team well and good luck!

Today Bravo Team had two new recruits, JMD Snipes (snipes for short) and Eat Snipe (Eatsnipe for short?).

JMD Snipes has been playing with the LRSD for a couple days now, and he has definitely proven himself on the Battlefield. He was given the opportunity to take the grueling, and nerve-wracking LRSD initiation challenge and he BOMBED! But Snipes didn’t lose to the other team NO!, He in fact Beat himself. After a little bit of smacking around and encouragement from JigSaw and other members of the LRSD, he went into a Team Deathmatch on Makin armed with nothing but a PPSH and a refined sense of confidence, and HE GOT IT DONE! Congratulations Snipes!

EAT SNIPE was brought into a match by JMD Snipes just for fun, and he pretty much OWNED the other team! JigSaw thought, “Maybe he had a really good match, everyone does sometimes.” but then he did it Again, and Again, and Again! and after a very short deliberation by the members of Bravo he was also given the chance to take the Initiation Challenge. He Went into a Team Deathmatch on Cliffside with his trusty STG-44 and started out very strong, and stayed strong to the end ultimately completing the challenge, and becoming the newest member of the LRSD and Bravo Team.

Congratulations from all go out to JMD Snipes and Eat Snipe, on making it to one of the Most Elite clans in Gaming the LRSD!

The current Bravo Team roster is:

  • JigSaw
  • Paco
  • Chub
  • GrimPunisher
  • Shadow
  • JMD Snipes

Bravo Team now has a lot of work to do, on Solidifying their team into one unbreakable unit, getting their strategies down to become second nature, and …

Taking on the Charlie Team in a no-holds-barred, 6v6, 7 match series, sponsored by Alpha Team. Both teams will be competing for prizes. There will be Turtle Beach Headsets up for grabs, among other stellar prizes. Good Luck to both teams!

Thats it for now stay tuned for more