Bravo Takes Series 4 to 1

Congrats to Bravo Team for defeating Charlie Team and taking the series 4-1.  It was a hard fought series but Bravo Team was just too good for Charlie. JigSaw had his team well prepared and they put a hurting on Charlie. My prediction was pretty much right on point, I predicted an easy Bravo Team victory and I was pretty much on point. Charlie Team was a cluster f*ck. and if they are going to get better they need a leader to take charge.

(I predicted 4-2, Charlie Dropped a Search in OT. So I was close.)

Charlie Team Remember Gymbo Knows!

NOTE: Rasca did record the match and the video will be posted ASAP.  Rasca will also be posting a more in depth article about the Bravo vs Charlie Battle.

Quote of the Week

Anyone remember this quote from Charlie Team Leader Bore “It’s going to be easy..We don’t need to practice.” Well, part of his prediction was correct. It was easy… For Bravo Team.  He was wrong about practice, that is something Charlie Team needs a lot of.

Gymbo’s Thoughts on the Battle

I thought it was a great performance by Bravo Team.  They put Charlie Team down 3-0 right away and that pretty much sealed the deal.  Not many teams can recover from a 3-0 deficit in a 7 game series. Charlie Team did show some heart and they stopped the sweep.  Hats off to both teams they put on a good show.

Whats Going to Happen with Charlie Team or should I say Delta Team?

First, Bore will be fired as leader of Charlie Team. Getting your team prepared to play is the leaders job and he failed to do that.  Bore will be a regular member of that team and when the time is right someone will be promoted as official leader.

Second, OverDose will be promoted to Alpha Team.  Why does OverDose get to join Alpha Team? He is a fierce competitor and deserves to play with a more serious team.  OverDose has talent and it would be a waste of talent if we just let him stay on Charlie Team. Congrats to OverDose and hopefully he can make the most of this opportunity.

Who will be the leader? The front runners to control this new team will be BobBigCack and Pafinator.  Thats if they want the job. If not them maybe someone else will rise up.