Bravo! Bravo!

Bravo Team Locks Up First Victory

Congrats to the LRSD Bravo Team for recording there first GB victory. They are currently 1-4 but they are just starting to jell together and everyone in the LRSD expects big things out of them. Remember Bravo doesn’t stand for BAD so don’t take these guys lightly. These guys are solid individual players and once they start jelling as a team they will be hard to beat.

First Victory: LRSD Bravo 2 – N830B 1. Type: Team Deathmatch

LRSD Splits in Three

LRSD has officially split into three parts. LRSD Alpha, LRSD Bravo and LRSD Charlie. The roster is still in the process of being sorted out and there could be more changes along the way. Rumors say Alpha Team might have a few free agent prospects to add to there line up.

Note: LRSD did remake there Game Battles to form these 3 teams. LRSD was ranked in Top 50. Alpha will return to glory and hopefully Bravo and Charlie follow suit.

Alpha Roster (3-3)

  • Mad Dog (LRSD Leader)
  • Gymbo
  • Takedown
  • Feccy
  • Jeffro
  • Iconz
  • Rasca

Double Team

  • Magic Wooshy (Emergency Back Up to Alpha)
  • Diaper Dandy (Emergency Back Up to Alpha)

Bravo Roster (1-4)

  • JigSaw (Bravo Leader)
  • Paco
  • Chub
  • Overdose
  • Pafinator
  • ShotOut

LRSD Charlie (0-3)

  • Bore (Charlie Leader)
  • BobBigCack
  • HighFive
  • StarNards
  • RazorHead
  • PolarSteam
  • GrimPunisher
  • Bobby Shadow (When he Returns from IR)