Bore Lashes Out at Media

angry-boarDuring our last article about Team Emotions first victory it talked about Bore being carried by the rest of Team Emotion en route to their first victory of the young season.  Apparently Bore got wind of this new story and said the article was completely false and he was the one carrying Team Emotion to victory.

Bore lashed out at the media and said he “I was the one doing the carrying. I’m tired of not getting the respect I deserve. The media is a bunch of liars and that article was the biggest bunch of bullsh*t I have ever read. I clutched out round and recorded the most points in the round.  Just because I have struggled in the past people assume I am bad at the game. The media should take down that article because its a complete lie….”

Well the Media has a message for you Bore….

People don’t assume you are bad at the game.. They know you are bad at the game.. If your side of the story is true then it was probably a first in your career that you carried a Team to victory.  The media doesn’t lie we just report the news given to us by our reliable sources…