Bobby Shadow Speaks Out

Bobby Shadow apology letter:

To everyone that might not know me because I haven’t been writing lately but it’s Bobby Shadow and I have a few things to say on this FeccyJ matter. I personally have to say, Feccy I apologize for all the comments that I have said about you being on A team and everything that had been said last night. I understand you are a big part of the clan and you did make a big difference in the clan making it to where it is today. So for everyone who has a problem with Feccy he’s not an **shole he’s a nice guy. He does his job to find out if you’re a loyal player or not so if he does say anything to you he just kidding, he’s just busting your balls its all a joke. Feccy I hope that we can put this all behind us and move on. Another thing is Feccy you had a good game in the 1 on 1 tournament. Good luck in the future.

Bobby Shadow