Black Ops: Day 2 – Feccy Brought to Tears

Gymbo here again and I just want to give you guys an update on how the LRSD is doing since the release of Black Ops. So far everything is going well and most of the LRSD is getting their game up and preparing what looks to be another successful season.

Day 2:

I get into battle last night and meet up with a bunch of LRSD members.  Seemed like they were training in Big Team Battle and some people were starting to get a little cranky.  I got in at the end of one of the games got a few kills and started to warm up.

Game 2 the LRSD got split up into two teams, which is cool so you can get some good practice against good competition. I ended up on Feccy J’s team and we squared off against Mad Dog and a few other LRSD members.

First game vs Mad Dog’s squad the whining started.  Feccy J started complain “Mad Dog’s camping!! Cheap… They are camping”. I’m thinking “No shit. Of course they are camping it’s Mad Dog.” By the second game vs Mad Dog’s squad tears started to flow and Feccy J started to get the juices flowing.  Then Mad Dog ran into Feccy J and gunned him down, Feccy was forced to quit out aka tap out.  Feccy said “I can’t take it anymore.” and boom he disappeared.

On a positive note our team didn’t have to hear any more crying.  We met up with Feccy later on to see if he was ok.  Feccy said “My feelings were hurt a little bit but I think this is something I can overcome.”