BigCacked in 6 Seconds!

BobBigCack made his first Game Battles appearance with the LRSD last night and boy did he come up big.  The LRSD was working on closing out it’s 7th Game Battles victory but the other team was battling back and it seemed to be slipping away.  It was game three of the 3 game series and the LRSD was winning the round 3-0.  The LRSD looked well on there way to a victory but then they started to struggle.

Team LRSD dropped a game they should of had in the bag and the lead was now 3-1.  Then they dropped another game and now the lead was only 3-2. If the LRSD didn’t want to go into overtime they needed to win this game.  They were on offense and looking to plant the bomb.  The map was downfall and the LRSD started running towards A.  Boom Mad Dog goes down, then Takedown, then Gymbo, then Feccy, leaving only BigCack alive in his first Game Battles appearance this season.  There was about 30 seconds left on the clock and BigCack was left a lone to face two members of the other team.  It was a two on one and BigCack had a choice, he can either go try and plant the bomb or go for the kill.

BigCack ran past the bomb site and started running out looking for the enemies.  With the other members of the LRSD watching and wondering why isn’t he planting the bomb.  Now there is like 6 seconds left on the clock and BigCack spots the first enemy and BOOM takes em out.  As time trickles down BigCack is searching for the last enemy.  Members watching on the other team were yelling “NOOO don’t get killed.. Don’t Run Out.”With time running out BigCack spots the last enemy and guns him down and takes home the victory.

BigCack pulls through in arguably one of the most clutch moments of all time.  Now that’s how you get BigCacked in 6 seconds or less.