Attention!! anyone interested in joining the LRSD

Due to the recent successes of Alpha Team on Game Battles, and Bravo and Charlie teams getting their act together, The LRSD is becoming one of the most popular teams playing Call of Duty: World at War.


With such success and popularity, comes many many people interested in joining The LRSD. Due to the current influx of Xbox live mesages, Game Battles messages, etc. etc., I have decided to make this process much easier.

If you think you are good enough to play with a clan like The LRSD, send an email to:

 Your Subject will be:  Application

In the message body please copy and paste the following, and fill it out.




Previous Game Battles Teams:

Most commonly used weapon type: (Sniper, SMG, Rifle, MG)

How often are you on XBL:

In as few words as possible, tell us why you think You should be a LRSD Member:


like i said before please copy and paste everything above in bold into your message body and fill it out.

Dont expect an immediate reply, we are all busy with many different things, so be patient.

Note: Level of Prestige, Kill/Death ratio, CoD leaderboard Rank, and GB rank,  are not good reasons why you should belong on this team.