Around the LRSD – Let the People Decide!

DiaperDandy & Magic Wooshy Return..But For How Long??


DiaperDandy and Magic Wooshy have finally returned to the LRSD and are ready to make a commitment to the team.  These guys were once Alpha Team members and but have recently returned to find themselves on Bravo Team. Do you think they should just automatically return to Alpha Team?? Should they have to work there way up through Bravo Team??? Do they even know how to play the game???

A lot of these questions Diaper and Wooshy will have to answer in the upcoming weeks.. If you ask me I think there return to the LRSD won’t be for long..

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Too Many People.. Just Too Many People


Are their too many people on Alpha Team?  Is 22 people on the roster enough?? Does Alpha Team need more people??

Considering the fact that only 4 to 6 people can get to play in one game battles game at a time 22 people may just be too many people. If the LRSD goes into a 5v5 that’s 17 people on the bench. What are the 17 people going to do play patty cakes??

Think about this for a second.. In the NBA only 5 people can take the floor at one time for a team and an NBA team only carries 15 players on their roster (With 12 being eligible to play every night).  Right now the LRSD Alpha Team has a full football team for its lineup. They can go play Madden and actually have a person for each position on offense and defense.

Maybe.. Mad Dog is getting a little soft and calling too many people up to Alpha Team.. Maybe.. Mad Dog is starting to get caught up in this new wave “Everybody is a Winner” system that goes on in today’s world.

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Remix .. Chub.. Do you want him back?


Chub aka Remix was recently thrown off Bravo Team and out of the LRSD completely (Again!!).. This was not the first time Chub was banished from the LRSD for his selfish play.  During his time in the LRSD Chub rose up and became the leader of the somewhat successful Charlie Team.  Chub has recently apologized and wants to return to the LRSD family.. So We are asking the people to decide… Do you want Chub aka Remix back???

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O Transition Ooo Where did you go?

Transition another LRSD member that was removed from the LRSD about a month ago wants a 2nd chance.  Supposedly he was removed for calling several players on the LRSD bad at the game. Transition wrote an e-mail to the team apologizing for his actions and is asking for your forgiveness.    I’m not sure  if many of you know Transition but I am asking the people to decide again.. Do you want Transition Back??

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