Are you Bad at the Game?

question-mark1Have you ever wondered to yourself “Am I Bad at the Game?”.  Of course you have!!..  I know everyone has thought about this at one time or another so I figured I give you guys a check list to run through to help you answer that age old question “Am I Bad at the Game?”.

“You know your bad at the game when………..”

  1. You lose 90% of your Gun Battles and then complain “Everyone on the other team had juggernaut.” (Really..How come your teammates got kills?)
  2. You drop a Dunkin Donut in Search and Destroy then complain “You had a bad connection.” (Like this is the first you went O-whatever you’ve ever had.)
  3. You get out gunned and then complain “I got modded.” (Like anyone needs a mod to kill you)
  4. You use a mod then complain about getting modded.. (I wonder who does that?)
  5. Your the last one left a live in search all time because you hide in the corner. (“No can clutch.. No can play..” quote TakedownSpecial)
  6. You use 2 frag in Game Battles and cost your team the game. (Not to mention any names…ehh OverDose)
  7. You set the rules wrong in Game Battles and cost your team the map. (Not to mention any names.. ehh Takedown)
  8. You kill your own teammates by accident over and over again..
  9. You get killed by a flame thrower.
  10. You use a flame thrower.
  11. You use a sniper on Dome.
  12. You run into bouncing betties while using bomb squad.
  13. Your bad with clock management.
  14. You go negative in Pubs.
  15. You only get kills when after an enemy finishes killing a teammate in front of you..
  16. You use a nube tube.
  17. Your teammates can’t rely on you to hold a simple position.
  18. You use a sniper when you know you can’t hit the broad side of a barn with it..
  19. You run to the same spot over and over again just to get killed by the same enemy.
  20. You use martyrdom.