Are They Mice or Men?

Bravo Team will now officially be competing on the Game Battles regular team ladder alongside the Alpha Team. Although There is absolutely no hope of Bravo Team ever competing with Alpha Team, it is still a good opportunity for new recruits and up-and-comers to show what their made of, in hopes of gaining a regular spot on the Alpha team.

There is some promise for these rag tag rookies though, after all they are still representing Team LRSD. Each one of them is being individually broken down both mentally and physically, only to be built back up by the members of Alpha Team to be bloodthirsty killers.

Heading up Bravo is Jigsaw, a first time leader with good communication, a willingness to learn, and the confidence to motivate and encourage his team in battle. Other standouts include Paco, Chub, Shadow, Overdose, and Paf. Each possess the skills to rule in pub matches, but this is Game Battles.

Can Bravo prove themselves on the battlefield? Can they learn to work and communicate as a team to accomplish their Goals? Most importantly can they earn themselves positions on the World Famous LRSD Alpha Team? Will the Cricket someday surpass the Grasshopper to take home the crown?

Alpha Team doesn’t think so, but with time, teamwork, dedication, and the support of those Gods of Men A-Team members, anything is possible.

Do Work Boys!


Article Written By: Jigsaw

Edited by: Gymboslice