Anybody Want In?

Where have the good old times went? What happened to the LRSD? Im taking it upon myself to start up a gamebattles team for the up and coming Call of Duty World at War. We need at least 4 to play but i would like more. I have already talked to Diaper, Wooshy, Ink, and Paf and they said that they want in. That is 5 people including me. Were going to need more people to be on the roster. Everybody will get a chance to play so not worry about that. the next thing we need is a good logo. I know Takedown is and expert at that and I’m sure if he is willing to he will make a great looking logo for the team. So anybody that wants in and is getting the game leave a comment or contact me through AIM. My  screen name is JFec21. Let me know ASAP.