An OverDose of Free for All

The Free For All tournament took place on Martin Luther King Day and it was a hard fought battle. The players fought on 5 grueling maps. They all fought like champions but there could only be one winner. OverDose was that winner and he will be awarded with a brand new Turtle Beach Headset. OverDose said if he was allowed in the tournament he would win it and that is just what he did. Congratulations to OverDose, he fought like a true champion. The LRSD would like to thank all the other competitors for fighting hard and making this event possible.


  • 1st place: OverDose
  • 2nd place: Pafinator
  • 3rd place: Paco
  • 4th place: Chub

Don’t worry guys this won’t be the last tournament the LRSD holds and there will be more prizes awarded in the future. We have a team tournament coming up it could possibly be a double team or a triple team tourney. So stay tuned for the next event.

Thank You

FeccyJ and GymboSlice