A Victory and Clutch 2 Fragged Away

twofragfixedThe other night the LRSD Alpha Team lost another Game Battles game and it wasn’t because the other team was better. The reason the LRSD lost was because someone brought an OverDose of grenades with them to battle. It was a mental error by none other then the infamous OverDose and that will not be tolerated on Alpha Team. Its unfortunate but OverDose has received a two day suspension one for each frag he was carrying in battle. (I guess the punishment fits the crime!!)

Well the story goes like this:

The LRSD won the first game of the match with the help of two 3 on 1 clutches.  The first 3 on 1 clutch was by the great TakedownSpecial. Takedown makes a living out of making magic happen so this wasn’t surprising at all.  Then to win the round the LRSD got another 3 on 1 clutch by Feccy J. Which was quite surprising because Feccy was in his first game back after his most recent suspension and no one was really expecting much out of him so soon. TakedownSpecial said “It was great to see Feccy J come back and not miss a beat.”

During the round members of the other team complained that someone on the LRSD was cheating and used two frags.  The LRSD never cheats so they didn’t believe the other team and argued with them.  Everyone on the LRSD line up denied using two frag during the game.  Then after the round was over Mr. OverDose finally confessed that he had used two frags thus costing the LRSD game one of the match. It clearly destroyed the LRSD’s moral for game two and it lead to the LRSD losing in overtime on the 2nd map.