A lot of Talk and No Production..

shhhSo what is going on with the “New LRSD” lately??

As far as the media can see… Just a lot of talking. The “New LRSD” should change there name to “LRSD Excuses” because all the media has been hearing lately is excuse after excuse for their poor performance.  According to their spokes person Wildcard they have 4 unearned losses. Two losses came at the hands of Level lagging out of the game (or pulling the plug) while the other two loses were because Scarlett (New LRSD Leader) failed to use the correct rules for the game they were playing.

Sounds like a lack of discipline if you ask me. One thing is for sure if you lack discipline then you will lose games and it seems the “New LRSD” is learning this the hard way.

Why does the “New LRSD” show no respect to the “Old Timers”?

It is strange that the “New LRSD” has shown little or no respect to the “Old Timers” that came before them.  Considering the fact that the only reason the “New LRSD” is ranked so high is because they have taken over a team the retired “Old Timers” had already built up.  Then you also gotta consider the fact that the “Old Timers” are the ones who built up the LRSD and if it wasn’t for them dominating last season most if not all the “New LRSD” wouldn’t of been begging to join.

The “New LRSD” needs to relax, they were given a Top 20 team so they won’t be given any respect until they win something.

Wildcard said “Gymbo.. Your not even good, seriously.” and Wildcard also said “Gymbo if your so pro and were so bad why haven’t you got on to show us strats.”

Well if Gymbo wasn’t as good as advertised, where would the LRSD be today??  No where.. exactly!! Gymbo is not helping you guys because he is retired and Gymbo doesn’t have the time to take another undisciplined team under his wing and make them champions.  Especially a team with no respect for the “Old Timers”.

Wildcard calls out the “Old Timers” by saying “Until you get on and play us and beat us don’t talk seriously!”

Given the fact that the “Old Timers” have been there and done it why shouldn’t they be allowed to talk.  If the “Old Timers” were to come back and play the “New LRSD” it wouldn’t even be a game. The “New LRSD” should just worry about winning games since they only have two legit career Gamebattle victories (Yes.. I did say only TWO). The “Old Timers” advice to you guys is to get a couple wins under your belt and then maybe you can talk.