100 Win Streak

Congratulations to the LRSD for winning a over 100 consecutive team deathmatch games.  This has to be one of the greatest streaks of all time.  Everyone has chipped in and be apart of the streak and its been a great team effort.  The streak does live on and it is currently approaching the 150 and 200 mark. As the pressure builds the LRSD must continue to get keep there discipline and treat each and every game like its the Super Bowl.

Media: “Mad Dog How do you feel about the 100 plus game win streak.”

Mad Dog: “I want to thank all the guys that have contributed to the streak and are continuing to build on this amazing record.  It just shows how hard the LRSD works and how dedicated they are as a team. We have a lot of work ahead of us this is just the beginning of the streak. I would like to say congratulations to everyone who has helped in this record, you know who you are.”