RDawg Out Duels DarkKnightsCon

RDawg scores another victory for LRSD regular by defeating Hardcore Team Leader DarkKnightsCon in a one on one cage match. RDawg proved to be too much for the hardcore leader and defeated him by a score of 10-6. Skippy Boo instigated the fight and RDawg finished it. RDawg didn’t want to fight DarkKnights but he insisted so RDawg went to work. The hardcore team is now 0-3 versus LRSD Regular in matches known by the media.

RDawg said “I didn’t want to do it. I have respect for the hardcore leader but he forced me into a corner and I had to show him my skills. Obviously I was the better man that day and probably will be on most days.”

Looks like the Hardcore leader needs to go soul searching and find his game. I wonder what his excuse is going to be this time. Was it His gun wasn’t clean enough? Was it his boots weren’t tied properly? Was he a 100% healthy for this game? Who knows what his excuses are going to be but I’m waiting to hear it this time.

The media believes RDawg is just better. RDawg has been moving up the ranks of the LRSD and his victory over DarkKnight’s just proves he is still working hard. The win for RDawg doesn’t come at a total surprise. RDawg has recently been promoted to Alpha Team Leader (Due to Feccy J’s poor play. He has been Suspended for two weeks without pay).

With part of Alpha Team moving and forming the LRSD Elite (Gymboslice, Mad Dog, Takedownspecial, The DiaperDandy, Magic Wooshy, Jeffrosaw) and the other part forming the LRSD FAST (BobBigcack, KillTyrant, StarNards and Ghost), RDawg is left controlling the rest of Alpha Team. RDawg has slim pickings but Mad Dog is confident that RDawg will be able to construct a solid team out of the rest of the LRSD.

Odius was in attendance for this match and he said “Wow I couldn’t believe it. RDawg made it look easy. Was that really the leader of hardcore? If so he better report to Mad Dog boot camp with the rookies ASAP.”

Skippy Boo said while drinking his Jim Bean “DarkKnightsCon looked like he was shooting in the Dark. I haven’t seen him shoot that bad ever. RDawg has come a long way, maybe he is just better. The LRSD Regular seem to have Hardcores number in everything.”


  1. Gymboslice on July 31, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    I can’t believe RDawg roughed up DarkKinghts that easy. I also heard DarkKnigts was crying “I keep spawning behind RDawg.” RDawg must have eyes in back of his head then!!

  2. Rdawg on August 1, 2008 at 12:28 am

    It was an intense match up i didnt know what to expect but now i know why they call me the prodigy or the golden child and also the comeback kid the only thing is i didnt have to comeback in this one!