Humble Pie? LRSD Alpha Dominates Hardcore Team!

Despite the loss in Monday Nights scrimmage the Hardcore Team wasn’t giving the Alpha Squad the respect it deserved. The leader of the Hardcore Team (DarkNights) was angered by the article written by Gymboslice and decided to send the Alpha Team a challenge. The Alpha Team gladly accepted the challenge and then they went to work. They proved why they are the Alpha Squad by defeating the Hardcore Team in two straight games by a score of 4-1.

(Fact of the Night: One game everyone was dead on Hardcore Team but Jeffro and Wooshy failed to locate the bomb. So it could of been an overall score of 9-1 but it ended up being 8-2)

Match One

The Alpha team got first pick and selected Ambush. The Hardcore Team is known for their great sniping ability but it never showed up during the match. The Hardcore Team won the opening game but it was only because Jeffro and Wooshy couldn’t locate the bomb in time. After that round the Alpha Team recovered from their mistake by sweeping the rest of the games and winning the match 4-1. The LRSD worked their game plan to perfection. This game set the tone for match number two.

Match Two

Match Two can be summed up by saying “TakedownSpecial Did Work!” The LRSD again followed the game plan perfectly and dominated another match. The Hardcore Team was fluster and kept running into the bullets of TakedownSpecial. Gymboslice only needed to register one kill and it wasn’t even from shooting. DiaperDandy and Wooshy called out enemy locations while Jeffrosaw and Takedown dropped enemy after enemy. Mad Dog relaxed as the team operated like a well oiled machine. The LRSD secured another 4-1 victory and took the best of 3 series 2-0.

Final Score: Alpha 2 Darkside 0 (8=2 overall battle score)


Gymboslice said “I felt that the hardcore team show a lack of respect for the LRSD and they needed to be taught a lesson. Oh what a lesson it was!”

Mad Dog said “Humble Pie Anyone!”

Takedownspecial said “We are a great team at all game types. This was a good hardcore team we defeated I just want to tell them to keep their heads up.”

Jeffrosaw said “I knew we were just too tactical for the hardcore team. We’ve been a great team for many years and we’ve got tons of battle experience. The hardcore team put up a good fight but everything just went exactly the way we planned.”

Magic Wooshy was quoted saying “It’s great to be back on the Alpha Team and tonight we proved why we are the Alpha Team.”

DiaperDandy said “We were just too much for them. Too smart , Too Quick, Too Fast and Too furious. We had no doubt that we would pull off the victory in dominating fashion. Hopefully they learned a valuable lesson.”

None of the Hardcore Team were available for comment after the game. I expect to see an article from DarkNightsCon on what happen during the match. Right now the Hardcore Team is licking their wounds and eating that Humble Pie. I’m sure they will recover from this devastating loss and come back a lot stronger.


  1. Magic Wooshy on July 18, 2008 at 8:23 am

    Keep your heads up hardcore team. We do get challenges a lot and it will probably never stop. We did not beat you because we wanted to have bragging rights even though that was a main factor we did it just to show you guys that team work is a big thing and it goes a long way. we been doing this for years.

  2. Gymboslice on July 18, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    Good Fight Guys. Keep Your Heads Up not Down

  3. NOSE DiVE on July 20, 2008 at 11:53 am

    Three points;

    1. From what I’ve observed and gathered, not all of our best Hardcore team players including me were in that match. Things could have been different if a specific couple of absent Hardcore players were present.

    2. You guys have a great point though that we need to be more humble as a team.

    3. I’m sure the Hardcore team learned much from this match. They will definitely get stronger, build up their team-work skills and when the time is right. I’m sure you Alpha guys will be waiting for our debut rematch. As for now, enjoy your victory and celebrate. But just remember that we’re still here. Lingering in the shadows… Waiting… watching… Hungry…