Hardcore: 5-0 WAY TO GO!

As some of you may know, the Hardcore Division headed by lx P xl and Dark Nights Con played a handful of ranked games over the weekend. After playing a final set around 9 P.M. CST, they officially became 5-0. They plan to keep up the streak through the week if possible, as long as lx P xI picks his game up. This 1-6 kill/death ratio is definitely not cutting it. He may have some prestige with some of the clan members, but others are complaining (names are disclosed).

The final question is, will lx P xl become helpful or will he continue the downward spiral that is his COD4 career? When we were able to corner Dark Nights Con, this is what he said:

Media: “Dark, comments about lx Pxl’s playing skills?”

Dark: “Not really. He has his up’s and down’s.”

Media: “Will he be replaced if things aren’t corrected?”

Dark: “I might replace him for the fact that he is leaving for 2 weeks on Thursday.”

Media: “So you are saying he will be replaced then?”

Dark: ” NO COMMENT!”

So is this the end for lx P xl, or will he be the man everyone thinks of him as? Look to this week to find out and as Dark Nights Con says “Keep your head down kids.”

:Serious Note: Dark and P would like to thank the clan and contributors for their hard work this weekend and are excited with the turn of events. Keep up the hard work.