Where Did Everyone Go?

Where Yall At??

Hey guys its Gymbo here and you are probably wondering what is going on lately. Well it seems to me that a lot of people are taking some time off (myself included) from the game and that’s expected with the weather getting nicer as we move into spring and summer.  Those who are around and want to continue to play please do.  If you are looking for people to team with let me know and I’ll put something up on the website.

Also if you guys want to write any articles about whats going on or you just want to voice your opinion please feel free to e-mail any articles you may want to add to the website.  E-mail them all to TEAMLRSD@GMAIL.COM.

Moving Back to World at War

Word on the street is that a lot of our guys are moving back to World at War.  If you want in on it contact Takedown or Mad Dog.  If you good at the game I’m sure they’ll find a spot for you on the team.  If you are bad at the game I’m sure they’ll find a spot for you on the team.  I might even make an appearance on the team.. Stay tuned..

LRSD Social Network

We plan on making the website sort of like a social network in the future. Members are going to have profiles and stuff like that.  I’m not sure when this move is going to happen but it should be happening soon.  We might even have a whole new look to the website. As soon as Magic Wooshy and I get off our ass we’ll get that done. So stay tuned!!