Whats Expected of a LRSD Member?

call-of-duty-4-modern-warfare-2What is expect of a LRSD member?

Team players

The LRSD want players who want to work as a team. The LRSD members must follow orders and do their job.  These are TEAM games that we play and no one is better then the TEAM.  You don’t have to be the best at the game as long as you are a team player.  There are no ME players in the LRSD. There will be No STAT guys on the LRSD.

Anyone can be a Pub Star and go 27-2 in Pubs. Please stop trying to impress people with your Pub stats. We don’t care..

Serious or Not

The LRSD is not just about competing in Game Battles or other online venues.  We are about having fun and playing as a Team. We have our Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Team rosters for those who want to take the game more serious and play against other teams.  If you are not interested in playing on Game Battles and just want to play pubs that is fine with the us.  No one is required to play on any of the competitive teams.

Fighting with Other Teams

There will be no fighting with other teams for no reason at all. Show some class when you play the game and don’t just start fights with other teams in Game Battles, Scrims and Pubs for no reason at all. Stick up for yourselves but don’t just go around starting fights.  Remember you are representing the LRSD.

Stop Crying

Please stop crying about other teams using juggernaut, last stand, mods, mp40, knifes or whatever you guys cry about during the game. You guys know people use that stuff all the time so we don’t need to hear about in game.  All it does is make you sound like a b*tch and it leads to fighting with the other team for no reason at all.


If you are on one of the competitive teams then show your motivated and get your other team members to play GB’s rather then playing pubs. Get together with at least 4 to 6 of your teammates and play a bunch of GB games.  Its the end of the season so who cares if you lose a lot of games.  You got about two days left so just get some practice in.  All the records reset next season so try and get as much experience as you can.  Playing good teams online and losing is better then playing pubs and winning.


Talk to Alpha Team members about some of their strategies so you actually have a clue on what Alpha Team does to make them successful in Game Battles. If you are having problems understanding why things are done a certain way ask questions.

Work on Developing new strategies with your teammates rather then messing with glitches. Have your team actually practice strategies in Pubs instead of running around like jackasses.

Get Involved

Get involved with the team website, forum, etc.. You can do a number of things like write an article, create a new design, forum posting, donate money and so on.

Hardcore or COD 4 Team

Participate in the hardcore or COD 4 team ladder if you are on the roster. This is a golden opportunity for Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta team members to play together.  (Season is closing Tuesday)

Alpha Team

Everyone keeps asking me “Hey Gymbo.. How do I get on Alpha Team?”

Right now the answer to that question is No one is coming to Alpha Team!!! No one has shown they could be trusted and no one has shown they deserved the opportunity.  So stop crying about “When can I get on Alpha Team.”

Actually people will be leaving Alpha Team as soon as the roster unlocks… A couple Alpha Team members will either be let go from the LRSD or just released from Alpha Team.