What is Going On: Rise of Diaper.. Feccy Leaves A-Team

pampers-diaperThe Rise of Diaper “The Dictator” Dandy

Diaper “The Dictator” Dandy has brought a new attitude to the game and is determined to make his team a real contender.  Diaper said “The LRSD only had one good team competing in Game Battles.  Now that I’m back the LRSD is going to have two good teams competing in Game Battles. I don’t count Delta Team as a good team.. They are little kids and if Game Battles had a kids division that’s where they would be…”

Diaper Dandy has been recruiting solid player after solid player to his new team LRSD Emotion.  Diaper Dandy didn’t look far for his recruits as he plucked players from the Alpha Team bench. Diaper some how was able to convince Feccy J into joining forces with him.  Other notable pick ups were BobBigCack, StarNards and former Bravo Team leader Jigsaw.

The line up could possibly look like this:

Core Three: DiaperDandy, Magic Wooshy and Feccy J

The Rest: BobBigCack, StarNards, Razorhead, JigSaw, Bore92, Paco5000 (One or Two of these guys need to rise up)

Feccy J Fed Up with A-Team

After being blamed for loss after loss Feccy J has had enough and he has decided to leave Alpha Team. Feccy said he can’t take it anymore and he was tired of being the scape goat to everything that went wrong.  Alpha Team barely seems to loose but whenever they did it always seemed to be Feccy J’s fault.

Feccy J said “I’m not playing along side Mad Dog anymore.  Alpha Team is gonna have to find someone else to blame. I’m joining LRSD Emotion.” (An Emotional Character like Feccy will fit in perfect with LRSD Emotion)

Now Feccy can be Diaper’s junior dictator and blame others for the games Team Emotion loses. The name seems to fit perfectly since Diaper has been recruiting the most emotional players in the LRSD..

no-emotionGymbo Turns Down Team Emotion

Team Emotion has be openly trying to recruit the great GymboSlice but Gymbo has turned them down.  Team Emotion is trying to build up a team that can rival or at least compete with LRSD Alpha.  If they added Gymboslice that probably would of put them on the first page with ease. So.. Team Emotion is going to have to go back to the drawing board and find another elite player to put on their lineup.

Gymbo said “I can’t leave Alpha Team behind. Mad Dog and Takedown would be lost without me.  They need me and  I can’t hand over the keys to TakedownSpecial or Mad Dog just yet. Besides… I doubt I could handle that many emotional people…”

bouncinbettiesStarnards Betties Up an Emotional Loss!!

Team Emotion took to the battlefield for its first Game Battles game the other day and suffered their first loss of the new season.  They didn’t lose the battle because they lacked skill.. They lost the game because someone on the team lacked focus.. ehh StarNards.. This lack of focus seems to be a common problem with Team Emotion so look for them to continue to shuffle their lineup… A lot.

Rules for the game stated that there will be no bouncing betties in the game but StarNards clearly wasn’t paying attention and brought bouncing betties with him into the battle. StarNard’s blunder cost Team Emotion the game and possibly his chance in the starting rotation.  I’m not sure how Diaper Dandy is going to handle this situation but if I was him I would hand out a suspension for at least a couple games. Hopefully Team Emotion can put this tough loss behind them and focus on the next game.

Who is gonna rise up and fill out the rest of this roster?? Can it be former Bravo Team Leader JigSaw? Will it be the underrated RazorHead?  Who Knows!!!

Team Emotion is gonna need quality play out of someone other then the starting three Diaper, Magic Wooshy and Feccy J. Who will it be??

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