The New Guys

There have been two new additions to the LRSD. One of the new members is Jigsaw. We picked up Jigsaw after he saw how good we were when we beat his old Gamebattles team. Jigsaw begged to be let him in. Feeling nice that day Mad Dog decided to let him try out. His first attempt failed, but we gave him a break. It was a Ground War on Outskirts, so we decided to give him another chance and he prevailed.

The other new member is Chub. Jigsaw recommended Chub to us. After playing a few games with us and of course winning Chub asked if he could try out for the team. The Elite members said, Why Not. So therefore Chub tryed out and also passed the initiation challenge. These two will be playing on the hardcore team for now. They will be trying to get a starting spot. Until then they will add a little competition to the upcoming Free For All Tournament.