The Authority Ladder

As you all know the LRSD is becoming quite large. Because of this we have broken into an Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie team. The Alpha team is made up of the better and more experienced players. The Bravo Team is still very talented kids but they lack some experience. It is the same thing with Charlie. With all these teams i would like to explain the authority system. Of course the Alpha Team has the most authority. Anybody on a lower team told to do something from an Alpha Teamer must do that. For example:

Alpha Member: “Go cover the _____.”

B or C Member: ” Well uhh Id rather cover the other area.” ” Sir, yes Sir!”

If a B or C member argues with an order he can be given the boot from the team. this is unless it was an unreasonable order. Although it sounds like Alpha has all the fun ordering people around, we do take orders from Mad Dog and if we do not follow the orders we are severely punished. Now I’ll give you a little rundown on the teams just so you know where you stand on the authority ladder.

Alpha Team ( Most Authority)

  • Mad Dog
  • Takedown
  • Gymbo
  • Feccy
  • Iconz
  • Rasca
  • Jeffro

Bravo Team ( Same amount as C)

  • Jigsaw
  • Paco
  • Chub
  • Bobby Shadow
  • Snipes
  • Eat Snipes
  • Grim Punisher

Charlie Team ( Same amount as B)

  • Bore
  • Pafinator
  • BigCack
  • Overdose
  • Nards
  • Highfive

Thats the Authority ladder. Make sure you obey your superior officers.