Sentenced to Shield Time

RCO-1992_dAs you all should know and if you do not there is a new feature in the game known as the riot shield. The riot shield deflects bullets and you can also beat people down with it. Not many people want to use it in the game therefore the LRSD incorporates it into their punishment.  There are numerous ways you can be sentenced to shield time. The first and foremost reason is not working as a good teammate.If you play for yourself and are not worried about anyone of your teammates you WILL be sentenced to time in the shields. The next way you can go into the shields is being annoying. If you are a continued nuissance to the team and cannot keep your mouth the shield. Another rumored reason is if you get Mad Dog killed you will be indefinitely sentenced to shield time. Anyone who is sentenced will not be removed until Mad Dog says so. So for all you bad kids out there good luck in the shields.