Recruit is to Much for Gymbo

What a bad kid. Recently Gymbo has been trying to play the Call of Duty 5 campaign mode to unlock the Zombie mode. Instead of taking a challenge he figured he would just run through the game real quick by playing on the recruit difficulty a.k.a. ” I need help please hold my hand mode”. It seems that Gymbo has not been running through the game, but he has been setting the record for the most deaths on the recruit difficulty. ” I personally witnessed this while i was in a private chat with Gymbo when he was playing Campaign. ” This just isn’t fair, why am I dying? I’m Gymboslice they can’t do this to me” ,said Gymbo. I felt pretty bad for him, but it kind of proves that your bad at the game if you die on recruit. Gymboslice the Immobilizer has been turned in to the immobilized. because of this performance the LRSD has decided to send Gymbo back to boot camp, then maybe he’ll be able to take down some enemys. Until then Razorhead and I will control the Zombie mode.