Play of the Week!

Since Call of Duty has implemented this new feature called the theater it has opened up a lot of areas for new content for the website.  So I’d like to try and do a “Play of the Week” or “Play of the Month” and give a chance for some of you LRSD members to get recognition for your great play.

So this weeks nominees are Man Cub and Mad Dog.

Man Cub drilled Grim with a tomahawk from miles away and killed Tivo right after. Probably the best two piece that you will ever see.  This video breaks it down perfectly.  Watch as Man Cub releases the Tomahawk then it bounces off the roof of a building and then lands right down the middle of Grim’s dome.  Then Man Cub follows that up by out gunning one of the top guns in the LRSD TiVo.

Mad Dog pulls off an amazing 3 vs 1 clutch.  The old dog showed he can still move and get things done.  Watch as he jump shots the first guy with amazing precision. Some of the LRSD guys thought Mad Dog lost a step but this video proves that Mad Dog can still kill with the best of em.