Mad Dog Sends Message for B & C!

If you haven’t heard Bravo and Charlie are struggling.

Bravo has a record of 22-21 which isn’t all that bad but it isn’t good either.  Their teamwork has been questionable as of late and Bravo is good enough to be a playoff team but they gotta start playing like one.  Mad Dog feels they just need a good kick in the a$$ and that will get them rolling.

Charlie on the other hand is a mess.  They have come a long way from where they were before but they are still a mess. Their piss poor performance on Game Battles has gotten their first leader RussellCrow fired. Now its going to be up to Chub to square these guys away.

These teams need to remember they are representing the LRSD and if they are not going to play as a team, then they are not going to play for the LRSD.

Mad Dog has been furious with their performances and he wants to send these guys a message.  Here is a little speech Mad Dog wanted to share with Bravo and Charlie Team.

Warning! Warning! Strong Language Featured in Video.

Are these guys really following the LRSD way? Are they implementing the same strats that make LRSD Alpha such an unstoppable force? Are they taking time to ask Alpha members for help? Does Charlie and Bravo like to lose?