LRSD You Tube Channel

I want to give some of you guys access to the LRSD youtube channel. From the Black Ops theater you will be able to upload clips of your game play right to our youtube channel.  Say you got a cool looking kill or crazy kill spree and you want to share it with everyone. Boom!!! With a click of a button it is all possible.

Here is what you will need:

1. Register an account at (If your like Mugzy this part is going to be difficult.)

2. Link your Call of Duty account to your Xbox live account. You will need to know your Windows Live ID to link your accounts.

3. Contact GymboSlice and get the login and password of the you tube account. Then link your Call of Duty account to the LRSD YouTube channel.

4. Find the clip you edited and bring it into the Black Ops theater. Click Render Clip and then the clip will be uploaded to your COD account and then onto youtube.  After it uploads give it some time to get approved and appear on youtube.

Note: Clips can’t be longer then 30 seconds if you wish to upload it directly to you tube.